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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Invited to Artful Home and Illumination is in Winter Catalog.

My Artful Home Page
Dear Collectors and Friends,
I wanted to tell you some exciting news.
Recently I met a lady named Carole Guthrie who is a wonderful abstract oil painter who was down in Fl on Holiday.
I was at a friends house and we were chatting and comparing work on our iphones.
When she returned to Massachusetts she secretly introduced my work to an online gallery called Artful Home. I had never heard of this Gallery, but found it is full of beautiful American Art.
Painting,photography, jewelry, handmade clothes, art glass,furniture and more.
My work was reviewed by the art curators and the final Juror was Michael Monroe, who was the curator for the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery for twenty years.
This was such an honor to be accepted with all the terrific Artists in the collection,  but last month even a bigger honor occurred ! Out of so many prints my "Illumination"  was chosen to be in the winter catalog.
I am still pinching myself as I ship prints all over the USA. My Egret got a warm welcome. My new montage, collage artform has been accepted !! YES!!
While the catalog is still live online I would love for you to see it.
If you want sign up and get the magazine quarterly they don't spam you or sell address. If you enter via my link I also get brownie points, so save the email if you plan to revisit. I would love to be in the catalog again.
The big winter sale starts end of month. But don't forget if you want to purchase my prints directly from me thats great too, just email or call.
Artful link my page.
Click the Artful logo to go home and then find the image below to see all the beautiful things.

Hope you forgive me for tooting my horn, but I am so happy about this !
I can't believe how the internet is connecting art and collectors all over the World.
ps check out my friend Carole's Guthrie work too,just do a search !

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Birds are Returning to Florida !

Last weekend we went to Ding Darling Preserve on the West Coast of Fl near Sanibel. I got lucky enough to find some close enough to get some good shots. They are both beautiful and a bit funny depending on the moment.


Christmas Cheer

M&M is having a Christmas Party tomorrow night. All the artists will be there, so drop by if you are in the area. I might be a few min late as I am helping set up the reception for the Benjamin School Students who will be showing their work at MacArthur Beach State Park. Everything always happens at the same time during the Holidays doesn't it. The National Association Woman's Artist has it's exhibit at the Armory Arts in West Palm Beach. I missed the call during the summer,so no work in this one, but it is a wonderful exhibit.


Honored to be the Judge in this Exhibition Port Saint Lucie Fl


North County Art Association Presentation past June

I was honored to give a presentation about my work at the North County Art Associations Meeting.

Winsor Roc Portrait

Keeping me very busy this past spring was a magnificent horse named Winsor. I  followed him to events out at Wellington and did some commissioned  portraits. One I am still working on one. He is owned by a lovely lady named Barbara Nitsch and is being trained at Olympic level by Chris VonMartels a Canadian Olympic rider. What a treat to see him go through his paces. A new test for me to do sports action photography. I really could have benefited from a longer lens, but I did my best. He traveled to Europe to compete and will be back in Fl again this winter .


Lighthouse ArtCenter Plein Aire Festival will happen again this Spring

I am very blessed to have some lovely friends and teachers who are painters. I feel that they have helped me so much with composition and design elements and learning about art in general. I volunteered to take photographs during the Plein Aire Festival.Beautiful day. They are having it again this year. Checkout their website.


Life has it's up and downs.

Hi All
This year has been a bit of a dramatic one. My husband was scheduled for a hip replacement but ended up having heart surgery because they found blockages in his major arteries. So I have been a
bit out of the loop when it comes to posting about my life and art in general. I will try to do a quick catch up for the last six months.  Luckily I take pictures so I can remember. I find without them I would not be able to reconstruct much of a time line. Here he is just out of recovery..amazing  He flew through both surgeries..and is so much better walking and doing everything. In fact we have traveled lots this summer.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Debbie Mostel at North County Art Association

Debbie Mostel speaking about her work last month and today I am honored to be preparing my presentation for this Tues. Doing public speaking has been something I have decided to do this year as a New Year's Resolution. Interesting how the invites followed. Intention is the first step.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lighthouse ArtCenter First Place 'Persecution of Guienevere"


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Presentation for Evergaldes Audubon Society. Click Link below for Information.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fun Overnight Shoot to Martin County

Had so much fun with Kim Seng, Linda King and Michele Hopper shooting moonrise, sunrise, sunset and birds all over Martin County. Visited House of Refuge on the beach and then inland to Blue Cypress Lake for a pontoon boat ride to see the hundreds of Osprey Nests. Best shot of Blue Scrub Jay I ever got !


Friday, February 7, 2014