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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Invited to Artful Home and Illumination is in Winter Catalog.

I wanted to tell you some exciting news.Recently I met a lady named Carole Guthrie who is a wonderful abstract oil painter who was down in Fl on Holiday.I was at a friends house and we were chatting and comparing work on our iphones.When she returned to Massachusetts she secretly introduced my work to an online gallery called Artful Home. I had never heard of this Gallery, but found it is full of beautiful American Art.
Painting,photography, jewelry, handmade clothes, art glass,furniture and more.My work was reviewed by the art curators and the final Juror was Michael Monroe, who was the curator for the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery for twenty years.This was such an honor to be accepted with all the terrific Artists in the collection,  but last month even a bigger honor occurred ! Out of so many prints my "Illumination"  was chosen to be in the winter catalog.
I am still pinching myself as I ship prints all over the USA. My Egret got a warm welcome. My new montage, collage artform has been accepted !! YES!While the catalog is still live online I would love for you to see it.
If you want sign up and get the magazine quarterly they don't spam you or sell address. If you enter via my link I also get brownie points, so save the email if you plan to revisit. I would love to be in the catalog again.
The big winter sale starts end of month. But don't forget if you want to purchase my prints directly from me thats great too, just email or call

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  1. Magnificent! Congratulations on this well-deserved honor, Melinda, and thank you for sharing this beautiful resource!